Dec 22, 2011

yamaha yds-1r 250cc racer

my friend mark is cleaning out his father's garage after 45 years.
its a bittersweet story. here is the sweet. amazing
"Yamaha's first racebike, 1959 YDS-1R, 250cc racer. Sonny bought two YDS-1R's on 1 March 1960, and a box of pistons (found the reciept in a filing cabinet last week). He fitted a Norton Manx front brake and wheel to both. He exported the bikes to the UK, then flew them to IOM. He made 2.5 practice laps before the bike seized, averaging 114mph around the course, becoming the first person to ride a Yamaha in Europe, and the first to ride the IOM course. He didn't make the race, so you won't see his name on anything. He's got the fairing, tank, seat, and rear wheel from that original bike"

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